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Black Bursa

Black Bursa is a trade mark of Tarım AŞ Bursa, a local public grower, packing and exporting company for Bursa Black Fig. Bursa Black Fig is known as the best table fig in the world with its long shelf life, external appearance, big size, sweet and juicy on the inside structure. It is only growing in Bursa area and %90 of total black fig production harvested in Bursa. % 80 of production ( 30.000 tons per year ) goes to export market from Australia to Canada, South Africa to Europe.

Black Bursa

Who we are ?


About Bursa Tarım Aş

Bursa Tarım AŞ is a public company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, in the area of Fresh Fruit Vegetables and Livestock. The main objective of Bursa Tarım Aş is to process and package the fruits and vegetables produced by growers in Bursa and to promote Bursa’s fresh products to domestic and international markets.

We are specialized in Black Fig Trade and having cooperation with growers through Bursa Fig Grower Union. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent quality of Bursa Black Fig with a fair price. Also to be a puclic company gives us a strong credibility and big responsibility in the international fresh Fruit Trade.

Headquaters of Bursa Tarım AŞ

Headquaters of Bursa Tarım AŞ

Bursa fig growers

About Bursa Fig Grower Union

Bursa Black Fig Grower Union was established to produce most quality edible black fig of the world with our customer focused structure that is open to continuous change and development, to be one of the leading growers in the sales and marketing in fresh fig sector, to serve our customers with best quality products and best service by the supports of our partner producers and to create a sustainable and competitive Association and Cooperative structure as to provide the highest benefits to our producer partners with the production process in marketing the products.

We have totally 173 partner growers from 10 different villages around Bursa and has a production capacity of 10.000 tons Black fig. We have 10 small collection houses in each villages and 2 central packing facilities .

Bursa Fig Grower Union


Shape: round, oval or pear-shaped

Color: depending on the variety black, purple, green or yellow

Cultivation: Bursa Area

Availability: August to October

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin C, calcium and potassium One fig is equivalent like two glasses of milk in calcium content

The fig production is chemical free.

Bursa Black Figs exceptional, incomparable World Quality champion, due to its appearance,  shape, large size, attractive deep blue, purple color, nice red, pink appetizing inside color, juicy and high brix level , when mature and “spongy state”.

Bursa Black Fig has thick skin. This is why it has long storage and shelf life, when transported by Air Shipment. After arrival at destination Bursa Black Fig has storage life of 6-7 days at [20 – 40C] and plus 3-4 days in shops at ambient temperature at 25 0C.

When transported by frigo truck or frigo container at 20C, Bursa Black Fig Export quality can be kept at cool storage at 2-40C for min 10 days, plus 5 days in store (Shops) at ambient temp. of 250C

Quality Control

Our farms are all Global Gap certified. Supervisors represented by a GlobalGap specialist, Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering controls all our production. Our supervisors do regular field visits. In our inspections we control the input and output of the products.

Our packing facilities meet the high standards of HACCP, BRC and ISO22000.



Assignment of field numbers

Assignment of codes to each producer

Goods receipt with codes and field numbers on each unit

Each crop has a different code number and an own field number

Which information ensure the codes:

Producer Harvesting Ingredients

Analysis Reports In-house procedure

Packaging Transport Consumer

Packaging & Logistics

Code Carton Types Caliber Product Type Number of Boxes Number of Punnets
BB-1 30x40x7 14 Layered 240
BB-2 30x40x7 16 Layered 240
BB-3 30x40x7 18 Layered 240
BB-4 30x40x7 20 Layered 240
BB-5 30x40x7 22 Layered 240
BB-6 30x40x7 25 Layered 240
BB-7 30x40x7 6x250g Punnets 240 1440
BB-8 40x60x7 10x375g Punnets 120 1200
BB-9 40x60x10 10x500g Punnets 88 880

Need additional packing size ? Get in touch for custom and corporate packing.

Air Cargo

Code Carton Types Caliber Product Type Number of Boxes Number of Punnets
BB-1 30x40x7 14 Layered 160
BB-2 30x40x7 16 Layered 160
BB-3 30x40x7 18 Layered 160
BB-4 30x40x7 20 Layered 160
BB-5 30x40x7 22 Layered 160
BB-6 30x40x7 25 Layered 160
BB-7 30x40x7 6x250g 160 960
BB-8 40x60x7 10x500g 80 800
BB-9 40x60x7 15x250g 80 1200
BB-10 40x60x9 10x500g 80 800

Need additional packing size ? Get in touch for custom and corporate packing.

Shipping & Callender

We can offer a unique window of production: We harvest and export from August to October. Whether your prefer delivery by air or by road, We can deliver between 2-4 days after harvest to any destination worldwide.

Our cold chain process and quality of Black Fig ensures an exceptional lifespan.

Get in Touch with us

Hal Yolu Caddesi  No:2 Nilüfer BURSA TURKEY

Phone: +90 850 450 9916

In Cooperation with

Black Bursa



Bursa Black Fig Growers Union